Antique American 1891 Crazy Quilt


A Vintage Antique Hand Stitched Crazy Quilt featuring a scallop edge.

Measures 58 inches by 52 inches.

Hand-stitched date of 1891 on quilt.
Other pieces feature other embroidery work as well as some hand-painted flowers.
Mixed material used of Silk, brocade, velvet, cotton, corduroy, taffeta.
The quilt does display some wear and fraying, I tried to highlight some of the worse areas, the scallop trim does feature the brunt of the wear with the surface black silk fraying, for its age it is not as bad as one would expect, the back of the quilt is a beautiful green pattern design with some tears towards the middle.
 Colors are rich and vibrant. I would say the quilt needs to be handled with care as it seems fragile in some areas.

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